Sideline Confessions

Akintunde, Mike Goodwin, Marty simpson, Nakita B., Cletus Kassady


Marketing executive Candy Boudreaux tackles her biggest campaign when she decides to pursue star football player Eric Whitaker for her own personal satisfaction. She quickly becomes sidelined when she becomes intertwined into the unknown sports world of parties, blackmail and sexual games, all just be be with Eric.

Eric, very egotistical and arrogant has no plans of settling down with just one woman, but Candy has a different game plan. Taking the attitude of ‘whatever it takes’ to make him hers, she soon learns local in-house ‘groupies’ will not make her task easy.

Candy operates as smoothly as she can without becoming a victim of the ‘groupie status’ by consulting with family, friends and associates, all of which are involved with Eric in some situation or another on how she can make him fall in love with her.