Urban Home Entertainment was born out of the frustration of trying to get urban films distributed. After countless unanswered phone calls, and being denied the opportunity to spread urban content, we took matters into our own hands. Built from the ground up, UHE has since worked with stars like Kevin Hart and Tyler Perry, distributing films across some of the largest streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon and Tubi. With an ever-growing comedy catalog, UHE was able to branch off and create Ruckus Comedy, a label exclusively for comedy. UHE has since become one of the leading distributors of urban content. We also make it a priority to keep our promise:  always answer the phone.

So why UHE?

Urban Home Entertainment has 1 goal: to serve our culture. We take pride in showing the best of the human condition, and sometimes the worst. Nevertheless, we continue to rise. Birthed in Atlanta, UHE is more than familiar with the culture we want to share with the world. We strive to give independent filmmakers from all walks of life the opportunity to monetize their products, not just domestically, but internationally. We also want to help rising talent and upcoming actors showcase their talents across a global stage. We are the voice for those who can’t be heard.

Our story


Barrett Dungy is a person with a remarkable approach to musical arts and motion films. He is the Founder and owner of his two master work Companies – Faithwerks Distribution & Urban Home Entertainment. Barrett has proved to be the best with his tireless efforts in the music as well as film Industry. He always wanted to propound the new and talented filmmakers the opportunity to be heard and seen.