Cisco Reyes, Omar Gooding, Jasmine Burke, Tangi Miller


Tony Sinclair has a problem, his job at the radio station barley pays the bills, and he makes horrible decisions in his choice in women.  So when his girlfriend calls him live on the air and gives him the axe his boss is not to happy that he cannot keep his personal business personal.

But because she was so foul and disrespectful to Tony on the air, he gets tons of sympathetic women to fill in the gap of his broken heart.  But that’s just a small part of Tony’s good fortune, his social media is through the roof along with his ratings and he’s got plenty choices of women to select from now, new fame, new car, new house, new job, but his choices in women hasn’t gotten any better, and his life lives up to the cliche of “more money…more problems.”

Things seem to be getting better for Tony when he hooks up with a female fan that’s not to forthcoming with her past and Tony does it again, he chose the wrong woman again but this one gets him caught up in a way where he finds himself in a dangerous “Entanglement” that just may cost him everything.