Mark Gregory: Run With It

Mark Gregory: Run With It Run With It, is the hilariously funny debut comedy special of Mark Gregory that pays tribute to his uncle, the late Dick Gregory. In this special. Mark takes us on a journey through his life as a dad, divoree and comedian. This autobiographical and topical masterpiece keeps you engaged with […]

Comedy Next Gen Nick Cody

Comedy Next Gen Nick Cody Nick Cody’s style of easy-going comedy sees him consistently selling out shows and over-achieving his way around the globe, all the while becoming a regular fixture on TV and radio at home in Australia. Nick Cody is going to rock your socks with this comedy special and no one can […]

Luke Heggie: Have That

Luke Heggie: Have That This comedian will make you laugh without even knowing you laughing. Luke’s unique style of comedy can take the industry to the next level. Luke doesn’t need to be flashy or outstanding to make your laugh he’s a new wave of casual comedy. He will give you his story and his […]

Luke Heggie: Tip Rat

Luke Heggie: Tip Rat Hold on to your seats because someone will take it quickly to sit in for this comedy. He might not look funny but you will be laughing in front of him before you know it. Luke Heggie is his name and Tip Rat is the show you want to sit in […]

Rhys Live at the Eternity Playhouse

Rhys Live at the Eternity Playhouse A non-stop funny comedy features the one and only Rhys Nicholson with more jokes that you can’t help but laugh at. Nothing better than a gay man joking about other gay and straight men. Even Rhys himself can prove to be a funny Australian man going around doing tours […]

Ultimate Comedy Tour

Ultimate Comedy Tour Four of the funniest, hardest grinding comedy underdogs join forces to bring you the first edition of the most hilarious family comedy series ever filmed. The Ultimate Comedy Tour kicks it off in Los Angeles and unites clean comedy under one banner. Rodney Perry, Small Fire, Cleto Rodriguez, and A.J. Jamal proves […]


Shout! Mark C. Lawrence from the hit series Chuck and Pursuit of Happiness and Lester Berrie, former host of BET Comic View, have collaborated to take the stage with a stand-up show so funny our editor wet his pants putting this show together. You gotta see this one! It’s outrageous and family friendly! WATCH FREE […]

Rodney Perry: Nothing but the Truth

Rodney Perry: Nothing but the Truth Rodney Perry’s high energy brand of funny is on full display during this OUTRAGEOUS stand up filmed in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama. He jumps in off the bat, examining the highs and lows of life, love and happiness to deliver an all out ENGAGING performance while simultaneously soothing […]

Paul Mooney: A Piece Of My Mind

Paul Mooney: A Piece Of My Mind The venomous, no holds, barred style of standup comedy legend Paul Mooney is on full display in this concert special. The vitriolic funnyman spares no politician or pop icon from his scathing wit, throwing jabs at Sarah Palin, Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods and many others. Defiant, socially relevant […]

Lil Rel Undisputed Comedy

Lil Rel: Undisputed Comedy  This Comedic young gun, hailing from Chicago, takes the stage by storm with hilarious tales about ghetto dates, hood rats , and four eyed thugs. Filmed at the beautiful Stardome Theater in Birmingham Alabama. Lil Rel shows you why the hood is dangerous, crime ridden, and still funnier then ever. WATCH […]