Side Chick

SIDE CHICK A drama that follows the emotional millennial roller coaster of Lynn’s affection towards James, who is engaged to an honest, caring woman named Kia. Unlike some females, Lynn doesn’t fit the role of “the other woman,” but she is deceived into dating James. As their emotions grow fonder, conflict unfolds. Ultimately, Lynn, James, […]

Black & Privileged

BLACK & PRIVILEGED Once known as the city’s most systematically abused black neighborhood, Englewood is now a rejuvenated sanctuary filled with urban farming, re-investment of the black dollar into local businesses, and self-policing. Semad and Dawn soon realize the great cost it takes to protect what they’ve built when their neighbor, JAY, wife is brutally […]

This is Life

THIS IS LIFE A fun night of celebration among close friends turns chaotic once a bistro delivery boy is caught sampling an order on the RING cam. Provoked by the disrespect, the girlfriends agree to scare the kid but go way too far. As the night unfolds, the couples discover that this teen could affect […]

The Curse of Father Cardona

the curse of father cardona Father Cardona gets reassigned to church in a very small village in Dominican Republic where strange thing starts happening. He also manages to catch feelings for a sultry local girl that has the men in the village under a spell. Then he becomes convinced the church is cursed. WATCH FREE […]

Sideline Confessions

Sideline Confessions Marketing executive Candy Boudreaux tackles her biggest campaign when she decides to pursue star football player Eric Whitaker for her own personal satisfaction. She quickly becomes sidelined when she becomes intertwined into the unknown sports world of parties, blackmail, and sexual games, all just being with Eric. Eric, very egotistical and arrogant has […]

One Night In Vegas

One Night In Vegas James and Genie an estranged couple must go all the way to Vegas to rekindle a lost sparkle in their relationship, only to find out what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas. WATCH FREE ON TUBI >


Iniquity Crowned “King of Philadelphia’s Judicial System” Attorney David Marshall’s fearless approach and unwavering confidence has the young bachelor flying high, attracting the most sought after women in the city. He will soon find himself entangled in a steamy love affair with a married woman. The outcome becomes devastating, with so much at stake, David […]

Grapes on a Vine

Grapes on a vine Kyle is the art director at the High Museum in Atlanta Georgia. He wants two things in life, a male child and a van Gogh painting valued at 275,000. His wife Brandy cannot conceive so he plans a camping trip where he will have her killed and hung to make it […]


Entanglement Tony Sinclair, is a down on his luck late night DJ at a top radio station in Atlanta, GA. He’s on air when a female caller asks him for advice about her failing relationship. Tony’s advice to her is; “if it’s not working, then leave.” The next caller is Christine; Tony’s longtime girlfriend. Tony […]


breathe The film “Breathe” showcases how a mothers dream can turn into a nightmare. Set against the breath taking backdrop of Niagara Falls and Western New York, the beauty falls in love with Samson Logan (Samson Logan). She’s a successful marketing executive and he is a recording artist on the rise. The two seem to […]