Black & Privileged

BLACK & PRIVILEGED Once known as the city’s most systematically abused black neighborhood, Englewood is now a rejuvenated sanctuary filled with urban farming, re-investment of the black dollar into local businesses, and self-policing. Semad and Dawn soon realize the great cost it takes to protect what they’ve built when their neighbor, JAY, wife is brutally […]

The Black Hole

THE Black Hole James Grant finds himself trapped in a horrifying time loop filled with the horrors of the unjust killings of unarmed black people in America. When he attempts to escape, he’s transported back to the day he awoke. In order to escape “The Black Hole,” he has to unravel the dark history of […]

Momma D’s Royal Love Affair

Momma D’s Royal Love Affair Bachelorette Mama Dee is freshly coming off the separation of her soon-to-be ex-husband . Finding herself single again Momma Dee tries her hand in the dating world. To find love on The Royal Love Affair, Mama Dee must meet 11 men who will battle each other in different competitions to […]


Strip A NEW seriously sexy game show! Come to Join Momma Dee, Gin Thomas, and Eric Duchess as these fabulous ladies judge and critique these professional male strippers. Who will get the golden ticket to showcase their dance skills and win a Cash prize COMING SOON TO TUBI >>

Troop 491

Troop 491 Tristian’s mother enrolls him in Boy Scouts in an effort to keep him off the streets, when he witnesses a homicide, the local neighborhood thug demands his silence. With the help of his new Scout friends Tristian learns doing the right thing can be easy. He faces a crossroad when deciding to follow […]

The Last Adam

The Last Adam No one is exempt from the trial and tribulations of the human condition. Not even Bobby, the pastor of a church in the deep south. In a moment of weakness he falls from grace losing his faith, family and former mentor all at the same time. During a reunion of old friends […]

The Curse of Father Cardona

the curse of father cardona Father Cardona gets reassigned to church in a very small village in Dominican Republic where strange thing starts happening. He also manages to catch feelings for a sultry local girl that has the men in the village under a spell. Then he becomes convinced the church is cursed. WATCH FREE […]

Strip Off

Strip Off A single, hard-working entrepreneur has to juggle caring for his two babies: his beautiful daughter, and his janky strip club. With his club three months behind on every bill and employees skimming off the funds, K must find a way to keep his club in business and while juggling spending time with his […]


Streets Meek Mill meets Nicole Gordon who pursues an education in classical music, in the midst of Meek gets tangled up in murder of a local boxer, Micheal Butler younger brother Tariq. This sparks a heated war between Meek Mill and Micheal. During the investigation of the murder, District Attorney Monica Gordon discovers her daughter […]

Sideline Confessions

Sideline Confessions Marketing executive Candy Boudreaux tackles her biggest campaign when she decides to pursue star football player Eric Whitaker for her own personal satisfaction. She quickly becomes sidelined when she becomes intertwined into the unknown sports world of parties, blackmail, and sexual games, all just being with Eric. Eric, very egotistical and arrogant has […]