Jahaun Atkins, Jeanette Branch, Annette Christian, James K. Fulater


Somewhere in the world every 90 seconds a mother dies. Inspired by the true story of Angela Burgin Logan (Jazsmin Lewis) that was first published on, the film “Breathe” showcases how a mothers dream can turn into a nightmare.

Set against the breath taking backdrop of Niagara Falls and Western New York, the beauty falls in love with Samson Logan (Samson Logan). She’s a successful marketing executive and he is a recording artist on the rise. The two seem to have it all. When they decide to marry and become one, their idyllic life begins to shatter shortly after they receive news that they are expecting.

Angela gets a sense of foreboding; she feels ill and unknowingly begins to get stalked by a silent killer. Although mysterious and unusual signs are present with her doctor telling her it’s in her head, her fears and cries for help are diminished. Angela always wanted the fairy-tale; the job, the husband and the kids. But with a killer lurking will she have her happy ending?