Side Chick

SIDE CHICK A drama that follows the emotional millennial roller coaster of Lynn’s affection towards James, who is engaged to an honest, caring woman named Kia. Unlike some females, Lynn doesn’t fit the role of “the other woman,” but she is deceived into dating James. As their emotions grow fonder, conflict unfolds. Ultimately, Lynn, James, […]

This is Life

THIS IS LIFE A fun night of celebration among close friends turns chaotic once a bistro delivery boy is caught sampling an order on the RING cam. Provoked by the disrespect, the girlfriends agree to scare the kid but go way too far. As the night unfolds, the couples discover that this teen could affect […]

Momma D’s Royal Love Affair

Momma D’s Royal Love Affair Bachelorette Mama Dee is freshly coming off the separation of her soon-to-be ex-husband . Finding herself single again Momma Dee tries her hand in the dating world. To find love on The Royal Love Affair, Mama Dee must meet 11 men who will battle each other in different competitions to […]


Strip A NEW seriously sexy game show! Come to Join Momma Dee, Gin Thomas, and Eric Duchess as these fabulous ladies judge and critique these professional male strippers. Who will get the golden ticket to showcase their dance skills and win a Cash prize COMING SOON TO TUBI >>

Strip Off

Strip Off A single, hard-working entrepreneur has to juggle caring for his two babies: his beautiful daughter, and his janky strip club. With his club three months behind on every bill and employees skimming off the funds, K must find a way to keep his club in business and while juggling spending time with his […]

Rhonda Mitchell M.D. Series

Rhonda Mitchell M.d. Series The life of an ambitious, Type-A doctor gets turned upside down when she gets fired from her dream job and returns home to work in her father’s Harlem-based clinic. She soon learns that unconventional tactics are the only way to manage this irreverent group of patients. Things quickly go from bad […]

One Night In Vegas

One Night In Vegas James and Genie an estranged couple must go all the way to Vegas to rekindle a lost sparkle in their relationship, only to find out what happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas. WATCH FREE ON TUBI >

A Family Affair

A family affair Loner, Kyle Newport, caretaker of his family-owned cemetery, finds himself getting help, against his will, from the spirits of his dysfunctional ancestors to find his dream girl, while keeping the family name alive. However his dreams quickly become a nightmare when his deceased family members, while breaking their graveyard code of silence […]